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 New Prologue Still in edit

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PostSubject: New Prologue Still in edit   New Prologue Still in edit Icon_minitimeSat Jan 02, 2010 10:22 pm

It all started 1,000 years ago. Pokemon, all over the world, were behaving, mysteriously. Nobody knew why or what caused it. One day, one of the Pokemon turned into pure darkness and attacked all the Pokemon, making them shadow Pokemon. The residents of nearby towns built indestructible walls around there cities and the roads leading to other towns to keep the Pokemon out and to keep them from going into other towns. One day, the shadow Pokemon mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind eggs. Inside one of the eggs was the fabled, Angelo, the Angel Pokemon. In another egg was Devilo, the Devil Pokemon. Shortly after there eggs hatched, they pitted against each other for control over the world, Angelo for peace and Devilo for destruction. In the end, Angelo sealed Devilo back inside his egg and sealed it inside a tomb deep under ground. Angelo then sealed herself into her egg and sealed herself into a pendant that will be passed down from generation to generation. 1,000 years have passed and danger had seemed to go by. Now, we start off with our young boys journey to stop the ongoing darkness.
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New Prologue Still in edit
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